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Jessica Mitchell Spanish Teacher St. LouisMe llamo Señora Mitchell - I graduated with a teaching certificate from Central Missouri State University and continued on to finish my Master’s in Gifted Education at Lindenwood University. I grew up in a bilingual home in Miami, Florida surrounded by a Spanish-speaking world both at home and out of the home. I have spoken Spanish my whole life and enjoy speaking it at any given opportunity. My family spoke very little English, so it was up to me to translate for us. This is why I always knew I wanted to become a Spanish teacher.

Learning is divertido especially when you are learning Español!!! We are learning lots of vocabulario and verbos for us to use in class and with Spanish speakers. We start our lesson out everyday with a greeting song that asks us how we are doing....¿Cómo estás? We answer by saying bien-good, emocionado/a-excited, cansado/a-tired, así-así-so so, triste-sad, mal-not good. We also ask about the weather...¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Hace frío-it’s cold, hace calor-it’s hot, está nublado-it’s couldy, hace sol-it’s sunny.